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Toilet Paper Machine (WD-RCN-TPM Automatic Roll Core Machine)


WD-RCN-TPM Automatic Roll Core Machine
I. Machine Brief Introduction
 Model : WD-RCN-TPM
 This machine is used to produce roll cores for toilet paper rolls and kitchen towel rolls machines as the picture shown above.
II. Function and Features
1.      This machine is to produce punched and perforated paper core, which is advanced in design and convenient in operation.
2.      Automatically withdraw knife or insert knife to cut pipe without stopping machine.
3.      The molding of products is hard and straight.
4.      The composed parts are of high rigidity, equipment is stable without shaking when rolling core.
III. Technical Parameter
1.      Production Speed: 10~20 m/min
2.      Specification of Roll Core: core diameter:
28~76mm (2~5 ply), length Adustable
Specification of Jumbo Roll: 300~400 g/ width 50~90 mm
Machine Power: 4.5Kw (380V 50Hz) (For your reference, it depends on the power situation in your place)
3.      Overall Size of Equipment (L×W×H m):3.5×1×1.6 m
4.      Weight of Equipment: 1.5T
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