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Full Automatic Facial Tissue Production Line(WD-FT-PL6)


Detailed Product Description

WD-FT-PL6 Full Automatic Facial Tissue Production Line


Machine Introduction

This Full Automatic Facial Tissue Production Line is used to produce the box drawing facial tissues as the picture shown above automatically.It is with high speed,full automation and stable running and easy operation.


Function and Features

1.      This Automatic Facial Tissue production line, consists of one set of WD-FTM-180/190/200/210/6 Automatic Box-Drawing Facial Tissue Machine, one set of  WD-FT-CM Facial tissue cutting machine, one set of WD-FT-CBSM1 Full Automatic Facial Tissue Cardboard Box Sealing Machine and convey belt.

2.      This Facial tissue production line gathers embossment, folding, counting ,match with high-speed paper cutting machine, convey, and automatic sealing box in one body. This equipment adopts PLC, frequency control and equips with touch type multi-picture man and computer interface operation system. Adopt synchronous belt driving, speed-change machine driving for complete machine, which makes the machine suitable for various kind of raw material’s requirement , and improve the quality and efficiency. The operation flow of this production line is easy, with high production efficiency and making perfect products. This production line reduces the production operation and packaging person which save the cost of production and management.


Technical Data

1. Size of productionmm: 200×200±2mm(other size, please point out)

2. Dia. of raw material(mm): 1100(other size, please point out)

3. Inner diameter of core: 76.2mm(other size, please point out)

4. Speed: 0~80M/min

5. Controller: Electromagnetic Control

6. Slitting system: Pneumatic cutting

7. Vacuum system: 5.5 KW

8. Pneumatic system: 3P air compressor, Min.pressure 5kg/c Pa(prepared by buyer)

9. Main machine power: 3 KW

10.Overall size: 5150×1300×1920 mm

11. Weight:2500KG

12. Option (need to order): Power used: Frequency control ;

Slitting system: Pneumatic cutting: complete cutting

6. Weight: About 3.5T


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