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Handkerchief Packing Machine Full Automatic(WD-SPZ-XB200)


WD-SPZ-XB200 Full Automatic Handkerchief Packing Machine

 Machine Introduction

  This machine uses plastic packing film to pack the standard handkerchief tissue, mini type handkerchief, rectangular objects, as the picture shown above.

 Function and Features

1.       Overall operation controlled by Mitsubishi PLC, large touch panel screen and stepping motor.

2.       Equipped with automatic trouble tracking and alarm system.

3.       Omron photoelectric tracking system with high precision.

4.       Driving system equipped with advanced frequency inverter and variable speed control, the periodical location implemented by precise plane dividing box.

5.       Periodical lubricating system with automatic lubricant filling to significantly prolong service life.

6.       Specific static resistance technology available to ensure more stable packing performance.

7.       Intelligent temperature controller available to control the temperature as desired.

8.       Synchro punching for the tearing opening of packing film of the paper towel allowable to configure automatic punching device with various shapes of tearing openings.

9.       Letters such as production date and batch number can be printed automatically and adjusted up and down to optimized position.

10.   Synchro sticking the tearing opening tape for the outer packing delivers to further reduce the labor cost.

Technical Data



Size of bag(mm)


Standard paper handkerchief

Spec.:106mm *53mm *26mm, number: 10 sheets

Mini type paper handkerchief

Spec.:72 mm*53mm*26mm, number: 10 sheets

Packing Film Dimensionsmm

Standard paper handkerchief :150mm

Mini paper handkerchief :116 mm

Capacity (Packages/min)


Dimension (L×W×H)(mm)


Air pressure (mpa)


Overall Weight (kg)


Packing Material

CPPPEPE/CPPPT/PE etc Two Sides Heat Sealing Film

Power of the main electrical machinery

1. 1kw

Power of outputs and side seals electrical unit


Power of generates heating machine

3. 4kw

Power Support


380V, 50Hz  (For your reference, it depends on the power situation in your place)

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