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Log Saw Machine (WD-LGM-III )



Detailed Product Description

WD-LGM-III Full Auto Log Saw Machine

Machine Introduction

This Full Auto High Speed Log Saw Machine is used to cut long toilet paper rolls and kitchen towel rolls with high efficiency and high capacity.

Main Features

1.When the paper roll is pushed into the cutting system, it will be nipped by the clamp tool and cut after it is sent to the blade.

2.Equipped with advanced photoelectric checking system and large diameter of spiral cutter, it can auto set the length and cut precisely.

3.The cutting system is under perfect designing with auto sharpening system, while the grinding bowl can count precisely to grind the blade in time as per the cutting times.

4.The machine adopts advanced servo driving, frequency convention speed regulating. PLC control and touching screen operation. The blade grinding frequency, the cutting speed as well as the cutting length is adjustable on PLC screener. Which have smoothed the pushing, cutting and sharpening.

5.Equipped with pneumatic brake function, can prolong the service life of motor and make braking perfect.

6.Suction Device can absorb the waste produced by sharpening and discharge it out of the machine. It is helpful to make the grinding sharper and reduce of the rate of defective products


Technical Data


Paper Roll Length:


Outer Dia.: 90-160mm(unless specified request, we generally supply the clamp according to the standard of 110±5mm)

Specification of the Finished Products

Cutting Length: 50-300mm

Edge Length: 25-110mm

Machine Speed

0-150cut/per min

Operating speed

0-120 cut/per min

Pushing drive control

servo motor drive,

Knife sharpening

Pneumatic grinding wheel, time and rate can be controlled on panel, it can grinding through automatic process

Outer Dia. of Circular Knife




Packing Size

It will be different according to the final allocation






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