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Napkin Paper Machine (WD-NPM-200/450IV)



Detailed Product Description

WD-NPM-200/450IV Automatic Napkin Paper Folding Machine

Main Features:

WD-NPM-200/450IV Automatic Napkin Paper Folding Machine is kind of machine to produce the napkin paper. Napkin paper unfolded size can be from 170x170mm to 400x400mm according to your need, each model has the same style and productive technology. It possesses reasonable design, stable function, high production output, simple operation and easy maintaining. In addition, it is suitable for various kinds of factory’s productive investment.

Main production process: Jumbo roll tension unwinding—calender press (as your request) —color printing (as your request)—embossing—longitudinal folding—paper feeding—transverse folding—slitting.)

The machine have auto counting unit, the number of the pieces of paper can be decided by you. The machine can be equipped with 1-8 colors printing unit, according to your requests. (The number of the colors different and machinestructure may be different partly)

Technical Data :




Width of raw paper

It will be different According to the different size and model of machine

Max.Dia. of raw paper


Inner Dia of raw paper core


Raw paper specification


1-3ply napkin paper, each ply 18-25GSM

Finished products size

It will be different according to the different models of machine and different configure.


Steel to rubber, steel to felt roller, steel to wool roller embossing unit.

If you need steel to steel embossing roller, carving embossing or heating embossing, need order


Electron, pneumatic(need order)

Folding Speed

160-180 m/min

Forming Unit

One-forth folding way(If you request other forming way, order separately.)


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