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Toilet Paper Packing Machine for Single Roll (WD-398A )


Detailed Product Description

 WD-398A Full Auto Toilet Paper Roll Packing Machine for Single Roll

Machine Introduction

This Full Auto Toilet Paper Roll Packing Machine for Single Roll is used to pack single roll of toilet paper roll as the picture shown above. It is full automatic type and with fast speed.

Main Features

This top new auto packing machine is developed based on both German experts’

abundant technical experience and Japanese experts’ professional technology. Its

parts design all adopt world advanced technology to reach international level and

has easy operation, easy maintenance ,stable packing quality, and finished product

has beautiful orderly shape.

It is fit for roll paper’s three dimensional auto packing.

The packed products will not become loose, back sealing clinging roll paper

with thin flower pattern. Its packing speed in one minute equals to ten worker

efficiency, but its quotation is just 20% of similar products at abroad.

Remarks: Because of continuous improvement, this technical parameter is just

for your reference. The final should be as per the machine manual provided

to you.

Technical Data



Packing film

max width


Packing film


0PPPEPVCOPP/CPPPTcomplex film or hot sealing material, two sides hot sealing film

Packing size

Diameter: 100-120mm  ;Height :80-130mm

Packing speed

50-150rolls/min(as per the packing film material,

thickness and packing specification)

Qualified rate


Machine noise


Sealing pressure



Single phase, 220V 50HZ

Main machine power


Total power


Machine weight


Overall size



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