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Toilet Paper Production Line (WD-TP-PL1092-2800)



Detailed Product Description

WD-TP-PL1092-2800 Automatic Toilet Paper Production Line

Machine Introduction

This machine is used to produce the toilet paper rolls and kitchen towel rolls as the picture shown above.

Function and Features

1.      This Automatic Toilet Paper production line, consists of one set of WD-TP-RPM1092-2800II Dot-By-Dot High-Speed Rewinding and Perforating Toilet Paper Machine (or can equip with high-speed rewinding and perforated toilet paper and towel paper machine)(it can be 2 sets according to requirement), 1 set of WD-LSM-II Automatic Log Saw Machine , WD-TP-PM2 Automatic Toilet Paper Packing Machine for Multiple Rolls and convey belts.

2. For paper width up to 2700mm to make bathroom tissue, kitchen towels. Equipped with variable perforation length system to satisfy any length need. The speed of this rewinder is up to 325m/min, 6 cycles per minute, including:

Two steel to rubber or steel to wool embossing units.

Two or three paper stands, with a double or three belt driving system, for jumbo rolls up to 1500mm diameter, and with a pneumatic loading of jumbo roll system.

3.This WD-TP-PL1092-2800 Economical line will automatically change core and unload the finished products, and automatically trim and seal the tails of the logs, leaving a lip about 20mm to make it easy for consumers to start using the rolls without tearing the paper at the seal.

4. All the driven system to be by means of synchronous belts, nylon belts and gears, for years of free maintenance. Electrical eyes will be mounted on the different parts of the line to monitor the machine and stop it in case it runs out of paper, cores or any other unforeseen problems. The lubrication systems will be provided on the major parts of the line.

5.The motor power is 7.5kW. Variable frequency control depending on the final specifications and requirements.

6.This line is to be controlled by a PLC for your choice. 

Technical Parameter

1. Jumbo roll width: 1500mm--2700mm

2. Dia. of raw material(mm): Up to Φ1500mm

3. Inner diameter of core: 76.2mm(other size, please point out)

4. Speed: 0-325m/min depending on model

5. Operating speed: 0-300m/min, 6 cycles(logs)/min

6. Finished roll outside diameter: toilet paper:Φ80-150mm

7. Finished roll outside diameter: Kitchen towel:Φ80-150mm

8. Perforation distance: Variable

9. Sheet count: Increments of one sheet

10. Inner diameter of core of finished product: Φ25-80mm

11. Raw material: 1 or 2 plies 15-30g

12. Power: 7.5Kw~15Kw


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