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Toilet Paper Roll Packaging Machine (WD-TP-PM2)



Detailed Product Description

WD-TP-PM2 Automatic Toilet Paper Packing Machine for Multiple Rolls

Machine Introduction

This Automatic Toilet Paper Packing Machine for Multiple Rolls is used to pack multiple pieces of toilet paper roll as the picture shown above. It is automatic type.

Main Features

The packing machine uses well-made packing plastic bag to pack. The highest speed is 25bags/min. It can pack 6 rolls in one bag, 8 rolls in one bag, 10 rolls in one bag, 12 rolls in one bag. There is a sealing machine in the back of the packing machine, to heat and seal the packing bag. The packing machine only needs one person to operate.

1.   This is special machine for packaging of toilet paper rolls and kitchen towel rolls. This equipment is easy to operate and fast speed.

2.    Adopt PLC, return and push roll automatically, packing and sealing.

3.    Equipped with touch screen man-computer conversation, display production parameter and production malfunction on screen.

4.    Photoelectric inspect, servo driving, pneumatic element and good quality bearing and knife tool.

Technical Data

1. Power: Main motor: 1.5Kw380V 50Hz

             Heating: 1kw380V 50Hz

2. Production speed: 20-40 bags/min

3. The size plastic film: 500x720mm

4. Overall size (m): 3.x1.1x1.2Lxx

5. Weight: about 2 T 


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